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My book on R was published on 29 July 2020. The R package ’learnrbook’ available through CRAN contains data and the R code from scripts and chunks in the book. I typeset the book using \(\LaTeX\) and R package ‘knitr’. The book is available from the publisher through the book’s web page and from brick and mortar booksellers and web stores such as The Book Depository, Amazon Germany and Amazon USA.


[July 2021] Only two small changes to the code chunks are needed to avoid deprecation messages from ‘tidyverse’ packages. The ‘learnrbook’ package (1.0.2) adds the R code for all code chunks in the book as executable and editable .R files. Additional material related to my ‘ggplot2’ extensions is available in the vignettes of my packages ‘gginnards’, ‘ggpp’ and ‘ggpmisc’, all available through CRAN.

[September 2021] I have made available through this website supplementary chapters for the book (over 100 pages). These are typeset using the same design as the book itself and numbering of chapters and pages continues from where they end in the book. These chapters are still work in progress. After further revision I intend to add the code they contain also to package ‘learnrbook’. They are released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.


Reports of errors and suggestions for enhancements are welcome, preferably as Issues raised at; the source of the book is at

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